Affordable Plastic Ponds for Your Garden

Plastic ponds are a great way to add an extra water feature to your garden. They’re affordable, fairly easy to install if you do it right, and best of all you don’t need a huge amount of space to install one. Ponds like this Cascade and Pond Kit can be installed on almost any landscape. Whether you want one as a great focal point for landscape lighting or a plastic fish pond for goldfish, you won’t be disappointed with what a pond can do for your outdoor landscaping.

Top Picks for Plastic Ponds

Beckett PPK42 42-Gallon Preformed Pond Kit


Flex Pond Kit – 220 Gallon, 300 GPH Pump, Model# 79991


Clear Pond Complete In-Ground Backyard Pond Kit – 4ft. x 6ft. x 18in. Deep, Model# 71104


But why should you take the time and energy to install a plastic pond in your landscape? There are many great reasons that you should incorporate one into your landscaping plans. Plastic ponds, particularly preformed ones, are easy to install. The hardest part is getting them level, but with a few easy tricks you can accomplish this easily. Having a water feature in your yard will add to any landscape. You can have a place for small fish to swim in the summer, water plants to grow, or use it as a reflecting pool during the day. Ponds also act as a great focal point for any garden lights that you may have installed on your landscape as well.

There are a few downsides to installing a pond though. First, preformed ponds tend to be a little small, which can limit your ability to use them somewhat. They also can look very bad if you don’t take the time to make sure that you install them level. Finally, you will need to invest some time and money to keep your pond’s water clear and clean. If you don’t, you will end up with a pot full of algae! So you will also need to invest in a pond filter or oxygenator. These minor hang-ups aside, getting a pond for your property will be an extremely worthwhile investment.

Types of Garden Ponds

When you’re shopping for plastic garden ponds, you’ll find that they come in a wide variety of different sizes, shapes, and styles for almost any landscape, from waterfalls to calm ponds for lilies to prosper. However, they are made out of just three major materials, glass-reinforced plastic, rigid plastic, and flexible plastic.

Of the three options flexible plastic pond liners are the cheapest and easiest to install. It will also allow you to create some more realistic-looking ponds because it doesn’t have to be in the shape of a circle or oval. However, they are also the easiest ones to puncture. Rigid plastic is more expensive and only comes in certain shapes, but it is also much more durable and resistant to the climate. Glass-reinforced plastic is the most expensive of the three, but also the most durable and weather-resistant.

Whatever type you opt for, make sure that the pond plastic is both UV and frost resistant. Plastic is susceptible to being broken down by both the sun’s rays and freezing, so finding a pond that can resist this will make sure that it says as a great addition to your landscape for years to come.

Installing Plastic Fish Ponds

Installing a pond on your landscape isn’t hard, but you have to make sure that you do it correctly so that you don’t end up with a pond that isn’t level. The first thing that you will need to do is dig a hole. However, don’t dig the hole the same size as your pond. Instead dig it a few inches wider and deeper, this will let you backfill it with sand, which is important for keeping the pond level.

Once you have your hole dug, fill the bottom of the hole with eight inches of sand and dampen it to make it flat and level. This will make sure that your pond doesn’t get install at an angle. Place the pond in the hole and then backfill the entire area around the pond with sand. Presto! You’re done and you’ve installed a great looking garden pond on your property quickly and easily.

Ready to get started digging your pond? Here are a few great options for outdoor ponds to use on your property.

Cascade and Pond Kit – 200 GPH, 110 Volt




Preformed Flexible 30 mil PVC Ornamental Pond Liner -The Camel Hump – 326 Gal


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