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Some of the most versatile types of light fixtures that you can use for landscape lighting outside your home are garden spotlights.  These lights can be put to a dizzying amount of uses outside your home and come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, strengths, and styles to match.  They are a relatively inexpensive way to add more safety, beauty, and security to your home, especially if you get them at a discounted price online.

Uses for a Garden Spotlight

Depending on the type of spotlight that you get, it can be put to a huge amount of different uses.  Higher wattage spotlights make great security lighting, especially when you hook them up to a motion detector.  They work great placed outside your front door, garage, or any other entrances.  In addition to providing some security lighting, they will also help your find your keys and the your door when you come home in the middle of the night. One of your best options for a spotlights are fixtures made by Malibu Lighting. They offer a full line of quality fixtures that can fit anywhere in your home.

Another great use for garden spotlights is as accent lighting.  You can use spotlights of all shapes, sizes, and styles as accent lights, but the ones that tend to work the best are lower voltage and blend more easily into your landscape.  Some of the best accent spotlights are actually solar rock lights.  These lights are spotlights that are disguised within a rock to hide them in your landscape.  Hiding the lights will make the object that you are lighting stand out more and make your landscape look more natural and should be done even if you choose not to use a set of rock lights.  Objects that you can light up with your spotlights include lawn ornaments, statues, trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, and fountains if you are lucky enough to have them.

Last but not least, spotlights also make for great lighting on a deck or patio.  Spotlights on your deck or patio can help to provide lights to tasks where you might need a lot of it like cooking or reading.  Install them in areas where you think you might be doing this for best results.  Make sure to hook them to a easily accessible switch though, because when you’re not reading, cooking, or doing something else that requires the light, you might prefer to have some much softer accent lighting instead of the bright light that garden spotlights give you.

Picking Out the Right Spotlight for You

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There are a multitude of great spotlights out on the market today.  To narrow down your choices and find the best ones for your garden, you’ll have to first figure out what you want to use the spotlight for.  Depending on the task, you might want different styles or wattages.  If you are buying the lights for up-lighting a tree for example, you will want softer, dimmer, more diminutive fixtures.  However, if you are installing security lighting you will want brighter, bigger fixtures that stick out.  Look at the brand that you will be buying as well.  Quality brands, like Hampton Bay Outdoor Lighting will offer fixtures that are longer lasting compared to bargain basement brands.

One important consideration is whether you want to use solar garden spotlights or not.  A solar garden spotlight will draw all of its power from a solar panel placed on top of it so you won’t have to run any wires to it.  This saves you a lot of time and frustration when you are installing the lights, but the solar panels can be unreliable at times.  If you have several cloudy days or plan on installing your lights in places where there is a lot of shade, you might be left with a really weak light, or none at all.  You will have to decide for yourself if the tradeoffs for using a solar spotlight are worth it, but for many the easier installation and the fact you’re helping to save the environment is enough to have you make the jump to solar powered lights.

Finally, always make sure that and spotlight that you buy comes with an adequate shield.  Shields help to direct the light, which keeps the areas you want lit brighter and the areas you want dark darker.  Without a good shield, you light might end up turning into a flood light.

There are many great reasons why you would want to install a spotlight in your garden.  They can be used for providing an accent to your garden or even providing security to your home.  Start your search online today by checking out some of these amazing options.

Brinkmann 822-0720-0 Bullit Solar Spotlight


Moonrays 91460 Solar Powered Outdoor Spotlights, Black, 3 Pack


Intermatic LT9 Malibu Low Voltage Metal 10-Watt Halogen Landscape Floodlight, Black


Garden Spotlight with 4 LED (Ss91)


Westinghouse 201041-88 Solar Garden Spotlight- Shell


Solar Monkey Garden Spotlight


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