Effective Carport Lighting Installation Options

You may have just purchased a new carport or maybe your old carport does not contain carport lighting fixtures. Regardless of your reason for adding lights, lighting is always a good idea for added security as well as for ones ability to see in the dark hours. Installation of lighting may require some processes that you may or may not be able to do yourself. Please remember to always shut off the electrical box in your home if you plan to do any electrical projects.

There are several ways you can go about adding lighting but you must first determine the right location for fixtures. In most cases, wiring will need to come from the inside of your home or existing garage. If you are not familiar or trained in wiring installation, this type of project is best left to a professional electrician. Once the electrical wiring is in place, all you have to do is purchase a fixture or multiple fixtures depending on how large your carport may be. When you are considering a light for the carport, you need get a fixture that is appropriate for outdoor use. Often carports are open so a light fixture will need to be able to withstand potential exposure to moist conditions.

A simple fixture for a carport can cost just over twenty dollars. You can also spend a little more money and invest in solar powered carport lights. Solar technology varies in prices but keep in mind that you will save on your electrical bill in the long run. To save even more money, you can also install a motion sensor solar light so the lighting only comes on when needed.

Some manufacturers and retailers offer lighting as a custom option for their carport products. You should definitely consider this at the time of purchase because it is usually much cheaper than doing it yourself or hiring an electrician.

The addition of carport lighting will provide security and safe access to or from your carport area. Remember to follow all of the installation instructions to ensure you have properly installed and mounted the carport light fixtures prior to turning the electricity back on in your home.


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